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UI Development

We constantly strive to give an effortless and delightful experience to our consumers. It includes the following areas: web-applications, desktop applications and device based applications. At Aftek, we have a highly creative team of graphic designers who provide excellent GUIs. Our technical experts bring these GUIs to reality.

We encourage conceptual alternatives, multiple reviews and then create concrete working prototype; thereby ensuring high quality and attractive GUI.

UI Engineering Framework

Constro 2007
Aftek developed content management features for a construction exhibition. Web 2.0 based portal was developed for stall booking, registration, feedbacks...
Web 2.0 based social networking portal was developed for volunteers with similar interests to come together, form groups and organize/participate social activities.
Key Aspects
System Audience
  • Technical users
  • User background
  • Easy navigation
  • Handy controls
  • Smart GUI
System Considerations
  • Presentation logic separated
  • Fast GUI rendering
Joomla Expertise

Aftek has developed expertise in content management system using Joomla! We specialize in managing web content with a simple What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface using Joomla!