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Opdex Inc.

Opdex Inc. Aftek established its 100%-owned, US subsidiary, Aftek (USA), Inc. as a Californian Corporation in the year 2000. Subsequently, the company was renamed to Opdex, Inc. in the year 2003, to emphasize its focus on delivering solutions for OPerations DEX(sk). Situated in the heart of silicon valley, Opdex is located very close to the north-American market. Equipped with Aftek's offshore software development capabilities, Opdex is in a unique position to identify, define, engineer, deliver and support enterprise management solutions for the north-American market. Looking at the pressing need of the hour, Opdex would soon focus on products and solutions for the energy management sector.

Porticus Technology Inc.

Porticus Technologies

Aftek has entered in a partnership with Porticus Technology whereby Aftek would port the voice biometric module across different platforms starting with Android. Aftek would also incoroporate the module in various of it's products and solutions. Any mobile or wireless technology can benefit from biometrically powered, voice control as an alternative to an insecure manual entry of Username/PIN, e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptops, tablets, PDAs, etc.

Porticus Technology's patented highly secure voice biometric authentication module, VoiceKeyIDTM, is an easy to employ voice activated log-in designed to protect user devices, applications and the data that resides on them. The ability to perform "live" biometric authentication for signing into applications or performing transactions locally "on device", with or without a network connection, solves many current wireless security issues and opens new capabilities for Industry.


Patcon Group

Patcon Group

Aftek has authorized Patcon GmbH as Aftek's Sales and Marketing partner in Europe for joint business development activity in various IT Enabled industries in Germany and parts of Europe.

Patcon GmbH is an innovative IT Solution provider company with strong presence in Switzerland, Germany and couple of other European nations.


Advanced Digital Design

Advanced Digital Design

Aftek has collaborated with Advanced Digital Design S.A.(ADD), a world leader in the development of SoCs for communication over Power Line and a respected name in the Automatic Meter Management (AMM) market. The main goals of this collaboration are - to reduce BOM cost, development time and space of smart meters for AMR / AMM market.

Under the proposed terms of this deal, ADD Semiconductor will provide all data-sheets and technical material for their chips, along with technical support for integrating them in various solutions to be developed by Aftek. Consequently, Aftek will make use of ADD PLC chips and associated knowledge base to develop and / or enhance their home and building automation solutions such as Smart Grid, Digihome Solutions as well as Smart Metering Solutions.

Being the founding member of 'PRIME', which is the core of "Open Meter" European initiative for a new Powerline standard, ADD will provide PRIME access to Aftek. Additionally, ADD will also introduce Aftek to utility companies associated with ADD, while Aftek will provide help in establishing ADD presence in the Indian and global market.

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